Always Good for Your Heart…

Angela Breidenbach

Angela Breidenbach, bestselling Montana author and host of the podcast, Grace Under Pressure Radio: Becoming a woman of courage, confidence, and candor.

Do true historical figures woven into stories, lesser known moments in history, and the story-behind-the-story fascinate you? Do you like strong heroines who portray courage, confidence, and candor? Hi, I’m Angela Breidenbach and I write the best books for busy women who need a break that will always be good for your heart. I’ll never take you behind the bedroom door. There’ll be lots of romantic adventures, often (not always) set in Montana.

Muse and Writer

Angela Breidenbach, bestselling Montana author, with her fe-lion personal assistant, Muse.

You’re invited to choose a book, settle in, and enjoy leaping into another time and place for a mental vacation so you can breathe again. Then, consider sharing your experience with a friend or writing a one sentence review. But definitely contact me and tell me what you liked so I keep using those elements in my stories. That helps me keep my reader friends in mind as I create the best books for busy women that are always good for your heart.



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