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Angela Breidenbach
Angela Breidenbach, bestselling Montana author and host of the podcast, Grace Under Pressure Radio: Becoming a woman of courage, confidence, and candor.

Hi, I’m Angela Breidenbach and I write books for busy women. My goals are to write the best books regardless of whether I write fiction or non-fiction. I want what I write to always be good for your heart. I’ll never take you behind the bedroom door. But there will be lots of romance often set in Montana. It delights me to weave true historical figures into my stories, lesser known moments in history, and the story-behind-the-story makes the research really fun to share in interviews and book club chats. The heroines in my books portray the characteristics I enjoy sharing on my podcast, Grace Under Pressure Radio. Those characteristics are courage, confidence, and candor. I’m honored you’re here, interested in learning more about me and my books, and do pop over to my A-Muse-ings blog to see my latest news or what Muse and Writer have been up to lately.

Muse and Writer
Angela Breidenbach, bestselling Montana author, with her fe-lion, Muse.

I invite you to choose one of my books, settle in, and enjoy a quick read. Then, share it with a friend or write a review. But definitely contact me and tell me what you liked so I can keep using those elements in my stories. Share what helped you, tell me if you learned something that helped you grow, or if you felt encouraged. That helps me keep my reader friends in mind as I create the best books for busy women that are always good for your heart.

New releases by bestselling Montana author, Angela Breidenbach: The Lassoed by Marriage Romance Collection, features the novella, Bridal Whispers. Out now on Audible, The Debutante QueenEleven Pipers PipingTaking the Plunge, and the 4th just releasedBitterroot Bride. It’ll be on audio very soon… 

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