09 – P.E.A.R.S. Tasty Tips for Everyday Courage

P.E.A.R.S. Prepare, Expect, Assess, Referrals, Sketch...

P.E.A.R.S. Prepare, Expect, Assess, Referrals, Sketch…

Regardless of the challenge we’re facing, this acronym, P.E.A.R.S. can help in the battle. No, not the tasty pears. But remember these tips to overcome fear.

  • Prepare: Begin observing, reading, getting educated.
  • Expect: Pay attention to what happens repeatedly. What can you expect will happen again?
  • Assess: What do you know already? What do you still need to learn?
    • Recognize when emotion is in the way. Rather than reactive (emotional), become proactive in finding new ways to handle the situation.
  • Referrals: Who has gone through the situation before? Who is an expert you can turn to for help? Ask for referrals to experts. Glean help and opportunity for change. Ask for tools to help you cope.
    • The more you know, the more you’ll become confident with the struggle and finding the journey through the struggle.
    • Don’t make just one person responsible for supporting you. Look for more than one person so you create a safety network and each person helps carry the weight rather than overloading one person. They might not have all the answers either.
  • Sketch: What’s the plan? Write it, draw it out, create step-by-step plans to overcome the problem.

What will you do now?
The plan doesn’t work unless you start it.

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