Muse Minion

Muse shares his organizational plan with Mariah

Muse: Because my employer is merciless in her demands, I have taken the high road and hired a minion.

Writer: I am not mercilessly demanding. I simply have a lot of work.

Muse: And that flows down hill, you know. Hence, I have my own personal assistant, thank you very much.

Muse shares his organizational plan with Mariah

Muse explains his filing system to Mariah for the new office reorganization plan.

Writer: Oh is that so?

Muse: Meet Muse Minion Mariah. Tah dah!

Writer: Do you expect her to do everything for you?

Muse: Isn’t that what minions do?

Writer: (Sigh) I can see we’ll need to give Mariah a lot of compassion this summer. Her task master has high expectations…

Muse instructing his new minion, Mariah.

Muse instructing his new minion, Mariah.


Inspiration Snowflake Tiara Costuming

Gal in pink, Calista's inspiration.

I love research and I love imagining wearing clothing like this while living back in time. That’s half the fun of writing historicals like The Debutante Queen 😉 Isn’t that why we read them too?

Some of the photos I found that inspired the costuming ideas for Calista in Snowflake Tiara: The Debutante Queen.

Researching online, museums, in Helena (MT), and in the Montana Room of the Missoula Public Library brought me such beautiful ideas. Calista is physically modeled after the 2nd photo with the Victorian gal seated in the pink evening gown. She popped off the page to me and said, “I’m Calista. I’m your heroine.” 😉 

amalie_right_with_marie_val ca_1889_the_debutantes_by-2


Look how we had the cover dress designed for her and see the era in it? Of course, it’s green for the season.

And here’s the walking suit idea I used for Calista when she met Albert in downtown Helena 🙂

Cocoa Statehood day outfit back_CP4 Cocoa winter coat Statehood day outfitfront MissLily-inspiration-for-Calista


An A-Muse-ing Theory

Muse pops bubble wrap

Writer: Ahh!! Quit!
Muse: What? Am I annoying you?

Muse pops bubble wrap

Muse: What? My bubble popping is annoying you?

Writer: Yes! I’m trying to rebuild my website. You keep popping bubble wrap and you’re driving me nuts!
Muse: Ah, I see. So my actions are causing your reactions.
Writer: Now you get it.
Muse: Absolutely. E=MC2.

Muse pops a roll of bubble wrap

Muse: I don’t have a bubble popping addiction…it’s just fun!

Writer: You’re not going to stop, are you?
Muse: Theoretically, no…

Muse claws bubble wrap

Muse: How many bubbles can the claws on one paw pop?

Writer: (Facepalm.)