Gal in pink, Calista's inspiration.

I love research and I love imagining wearing clothing like this while living back in time. That’s half the fun of writing historicals like The Debutante Queen 😉 Isn’t that why we read them too?

Some of the photos I found that inspired the costuming ideas for Calista in Snowflake Tiara: The Debutante Queen.

Researching online, museums, in Helena (MT), and in the Montana Room of the Missoula Public Library brought me such beautiful ideas. Calista is physically modeled after the 2nd photo with the Victorian gal seated in the pink evening gown. She popped off the page to me and said, “I’m Calista. I’m your heroine.” 😉 

amalie_right_with_marie_val ca_1889_the_debutantes_by-2


Look how we had the cover dress designed for her and see the era in it? Of course, it’s green for the season.

And here’s the walking suit idea I used for Calista when she met Albert in downtown Helena 🙂

Cocoa Statehood day outfit back_CP4 Cocoa winter coat Statehood day outfitfront MissLily-inspiration-for-Calista

Muse pops bubble wrap

Writer: Ahh!! Quit!
Muse: What? Am I annoying you?

Muse pops bubble wrap

Muse: What? My bubble popping is annoying you?

Writer: Yes! I’m trying to rebuild my website. You keep popping bubble wrap and you’re driving me nuts!
Muse: Ah, I see. So my actions are causing your reactions.
Writer: Now you get it.
Muse: Absolutely. E=MC2.

Muse pops a roll of bubble wrap

Muse: I don’t have a bubble popping addiction…it’s just fun!

Writer: You’re not going to stop, are you?
Muse: Theoretically, no…

Muse claws bubble wrap

Muse: How many bubbles can the claws on one paw pop?

Writer: (Facepalm.)

Whose schedule are you on?

Whose schedule are you on?

Have you ever felt like everything you do is up to someone else’s schedule? That’s how I feel sometimes. I have to take care of so many emergencies to help with this or that. Sometimes I wonder how I got myself into a few of these things. It feels like I’m on everyone eles’s time but my own. Don’t you sometimes?

Lately, I’ve been really trying hard to reconfigure my life (daily and long term) in order to be more efficient at my writing/speaking career. I’ve been successful in some ways. Certain days of the week I don’t go into town any more. Wow! That was a huge change for me. I live in the mountains outside my small city. My kids and grandkids have activities, performances, etc. that I enjoy attending.

Volunteer time is also very important to me. I help with the Jadyn Fred Foundation and I’m president of the Christian Authors Network. These opportunities to serve excite me!!

Then there are the things you can’t avoid no matter what. So, I’ve tried really hard to make those happen on my “town” days. For the most part, that’s been successful. What I haven’t been able to change are the work demands that seem to pop up unexpectedly. But having a plan minimizes the damage that emergencies cause…like say…websites blowing up when it’s most inconvenient 😉

Here’s a few questions to ponder to help you move into your time more efficiently too:

  • What things do you do that could be switched around in your schedule in order to free up a day and allow you to focus on your dreams?
  • If you think about it in advance, what could you move on a regular basis (or even delete) to a different day if you can’t free up an entire day?

Think about taking the first step on an unfamiliar bridge and standing there to make sure it is safe. The ground won’t shake, you won’t fall down, and the hail won’t bash you on the head. You just took your first step to making your life more of what you dream it to be. Let me know 🙂