The sky is the limit when you follow the calling God put in your heart!

5X5 Productions signs Angela Breidenbach. ME! (Wahoo!)

Let me explain how all this works. My literary agent is still Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Agency. That means Tamela represents my traditionally selling novels and non-fiction books. But now I have a new manager, JD DeWitt, who sells my work to filmmakers and television. Think movies and TV. I have a champion taking my screenplays and ideas to filmmakers and networks like Tamela does with my books. The contracts with my agent and manager help me professionally to grow my career by working with people who have well-established networks in the industry.

What is in my future with this new level in my career? The opportunity to expand my dream of writing shows and movies as well as books. This is something I’ve worked toward for a while now as I’ve been learning another aspect of creativity through visual media. This creative business is something I’ll always be learning. It’s constantly changing and evolving. Ten years ago this seemed like a far-reached fantasy. Today I’m overwhelmed with joy and amazement. You might see me at screenwriting conferences and you’ll also likely see me at writing conferences. In the meantime, I’ll let you know when something “pops” onto the screen, big or small 🙂

No dream is easy. It’s a constant work-in-progress lifestyle. In order to keep growing my career, it takes going to conferences, reading craft and industry books, listening to and voicing podcasts, building real relationships with people that have mutual goals, and a TON of discipline. Getting words written in the right format and turned in on time is super hard. Yet, the hardest thing to do while working toward a dream is saying no to other things. I’m not always good at saying no. But, I’m learning that each “yes” I say may take me away from my goals. I’m learning to respect the dreams God gave me by respecting other people have their own goals that don’t always have to include me. Once I realized it was about self-respect, and not being mean or selfish by saying “no”, I gained confidence and felt more at peace with a lot less guilt. People want what they want. Saying no isn’t disrespectful to them. It’s honoring the call God put on my life. So now I’m working hard to measure requests of others against that still, small voice I’ve too often stifled.

What about my genealogical studies, you ask?

Never fear. I’m still hitting the books hard with plans to graduate in 2019.

Is your dream being stifled? If so, what do you need to change to breathe life into your dream?

How do you decide whether to say yes or no?



Set high goals so if you miss them, at least you’re closer than if you didn’t try… Yes, I’ve heard that adage too. Setting goals that scare us can be both productive and destructive. So how do you know what to do? Should you adjust goals that scare you or just keep on keepin’ on?

Bringing history to life, Angela Breidenbach holds her new book, Blue Ribbon Brides.

Bringing history to life, Angela Breidenbach holds her new book, Blue Ribbon Brides.

Recently I had the opportunity to write on this topic in an article from MTL Magazine because of my new book, Blue Ribbon Brides Collection, that includes 9 novellas from 9 authors. Seven Medals and a Bride is mine. I began the research stymied by the volume of botanical terms. (If you know me, you know I’m not a science major.) But then I was drawn into the research because of small notations about the lengths the women I was researching went to in order to achieve their goals. Quite honestly, it blew my mind! 

Goals that scare me are both productive and destructive. Why both? Because when I see the process, the patterns, and set my mind to that goal I can break out pieces and manage the smaller pieces. I get really, really productive and most often achieve the goal. But I’ve had a few that were just out of my reach, tips of fingers scratching air instead of grasping the goal. You too?

Baby Angela

Baby Angela, a few weeks old.

It’s been like that for me. Both exhilarating and frustrating. That’s when I decided I needed to go back to college. I needed and wanted to know what didn’t know so I could succeed at my goal of solving certain family mysteries and proving that those solutions were fact, not fiction. (Like the one my mother used to tell about being related to Pocahontas because I looked like a papoose when I was born, her words, or the one where we were related to Lord Byron Nelson…neither of which have been substantiated. In fact, they are easily disproved now that I know a little more what I’m doing.) But what about those snippets of history that are boring and true like, oh, botanical science display meetings noting dollars and attendance?

Bringing history to life is like finding pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, but when you’re done some are missing no matter how hard you’ve searched. That’s where fiction comes in. By fictionalizing those missing pieces, we get the spirit of the experience. A lot of the names and places I used in Seven Medals and a Bride are real. But in order to bring the experience to life I put a fictional romance into the true historical facts and humanized it in a way that names on a page or a list of expenses can’t do.

I’d love to talk to these people and find out they’re experience: Mrs. Fitch, Jennie H. Moore, the Reverend Doctor Kelsey, the unnamed women who traveled Montana to gather and preserve our flora, and more. I have a feeling that’s why God made heaven eternal. In addition to talking ourselves out with him, there are so many people I want to talk to that it will take eternity for all those questions and conversations.

If you could talk to people who’ve gone before you, who would they be? I’m not asking about the obvious, Jesus, or his disciples. Who in history has fascinated you with their achievements? What would you ask?

If you’d like more information on Blue Ribbon Brides, please visit this page to learn about all the stories in the collection.

If you’d like to read the article on the incredible achievements of historic and heroic Montana women, please visit MTL Magazine.


Special Writer’s Series on Coach Talk Radio about the writing industry by @CAN_AuthorNews president, @AngBreidenbach, and the host of Coach Talk Radio, @SandraBeck.

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Meet my friend, Sandra Beck, of Coach Talk Radio.

Meet my friend, Sandra Beck, of Coach Talk Radio.

You’ll find the Writer’s Series on Coach Talk Radio.

The interesting thing about this series is that Sandra Beck simply asked me to co-host a few discussions with her about writing. But then, she let me invite several writing friends and we kept adding them and adding them… and then…kept recording. We’ve had a great time and hope you will not only enjoy this series, but that you’ll also learn a lot from a lot of great writers to help your career or simply enjoy learning more about the writers you love.

I’ll add the individual recordings and more helpful handouts over the next few months to my website.

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