EP—21 Radiance or How to Handle Shame

Welcome to Grace Under Pressure Radio, episode 21, and #4 in our 4 part series on Graciousness. Today’s episode is about radiance and how shame and humility can be used to radiate graciousness to others. It’s all in our perspective. First, let me share a few Appreciation Moments: Thanks for spreading the word! Janice Roberson

EP — 17 Setting Boundaries for Family Holidays

Setting boundaries for family holidays Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial — 1 Corin. 6: 12 Setting boundaries for family holidays takes pre-planning. People feel they can say or do anything without ramifications. People we love, the closest to us, often take advantage of that relationship to say and do anything that isn’t

EP — 16 Boundaries and Self-care

EP—16 Self-Care Appreciation moments: Thank you to Liz Tolsma @LizTolsma for retweeting about my Christmas-themed book, The Debutante Queen. It’s just released on twitter as a single, first in the Montana Beginnings series, but it’s also due to release by Thanksgiving on Audible. Very exciting! Here’s the clickable cover on the left. Thank you to Cat’s