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07 — Overcoming Specific Fears

Dive in!
Angie still swims today!

I still love swimming and diving, especially with my kids and grandkids 🙂

  • What huge fear has you paralyzed? Admit fear exists and embrace the fear rather than running from it.
  • Most of the time, building it up in your mind is harder than facing the fear itself.
  • What positive outcome do you want more than staying afraid?
  • What negative outcome is worse than dealing with the fear?
  • Diving into embrace the fear is often the easiest way through it.
  • The words in your head matter when facing fears.
  • Thinking poorly of someone trying to help you get through the fear creates a block to overcoming the fear as well as breaks relationship.
  • Anger at someone trying to help you through the fear is debilitating and deflects the responsibility for action.
  • Take deep breaths.
  • Count (especially if it’s just a matter of starting the action).
  • It helps manage your fear, the rush of adrenaline, and reminds you Someone bigger is in control.
  • Take it one thing at a time.
  • Start with the most familiar to help you begin.
  • If it stung, don’t quit. Think about the little things you can tweak to try again.

Who can you help with what you learned from the fearful experience?

Arcing back dive into an underwater circle (used in synchronized swimming).

Arcing back dive into an underwater circle (used in synchronized swimming).

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06 — Facing Our Fears part 2 Interview with Elizabeth Diane Wells

Actress Elizabeth Diane Wells

Meet Actress Elizabeth Diane Wells

Our main topic is Courage!

Welcome to part 2 of Facing Our Fears and the interview with actress, Elizabeth Diane Wells, as we discover more about ourselves through listening to the wisdom and experience of other courageous, confident, and candid women…

We left off in part 1 asking Elizabeth, “What is your deepest fear?”

  •  Worst failure? Best success? 
  •  I believe you have to be willing to fail in order to succeed. So think about how your failures have led you to success.
  • Should you say or not say something when you’ve been wronged?
  • How do you handle paybacks with bullies?
  • How does insecurity affects bully behavior?
  • The damage of one-upmanship and unforgiveness gives power to the other person.
  • Are you dedicating your energy to a grudge?
  •  Favorite audition experience?
  • Elizabeth Diane Wells will be performing on stage in the Christmas Carol at the Alliance Theatre this season.

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05.5 — Bonus Feature — What changed Elizabeth’s life?

Facebook party Sep 3

Come Join the Fun. Sep 3rd!

I’m calling this bonus feature episode 5.5 because it is taken out of the bigger interview as we explore some specific topics from A Healing Heart as well as get a little bit personal. It’s part of a larger interview Elizabeth Diane Wells did with me (Angela) for the new release of the #Audible audiobook, A Healing Heart.

Elizabeth shares from her heart and gets very genuine about fear, failure, the job of acting, creating voices for characters someone else created, and how doing this particular job changed her life. There are 2 more episodes titled Facing Our Fears part 1 and Facing Our Fears part 2 (release date, Sep 8, 15) with our guest, Elizabeth, and I encourage you to listen in for excellent tips, thought-provoking ideas, and a rich conversation about faith in our lives when we’re really angry with the Big Guy. Just how do you get over that? Listen in to find out…

1) Were you nervous?

2) What did you learn while doing it that will help you the next time?

3) Did you learn anything directly from the story or characters?

4) You had to create different styles of acting to portray so many characters in the book. Did that scare you?

5) Have you developed a process now that gives you confidence now you’ve mastered your first 2 audio books for both me and Karen Kingsbury?

6) How do we reach you if an author wants to hire you as an actress for their books? or

7) What was different for you doing a non-fiction devotional versus doing a fictional story?

8) What programs and equipment do you have to have to do that kind of acting job?

9) How did the experience with this book change or affect you?