EP—12 What do you mean be merciful?


EP—12 What do you mean be merciful?

Angie B. 345

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Part 3 in the Grace Under Pressure Radio series on Becoming a Woman of Candor…Did you miss the others?

Here’s Part 1 Speaking the truth in love,

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  • What role does Mercy play in candor?
  • Speaking the truth in love is allowing mercy instead of perfectionism.
  • Worrying about everyone else being able to do it “better” is futile.
  • We’ll never be perfect.
  • Perfectionism is different than God’s perfection. It’s humans trying to “be” God.
  • There’s sin in the world and we’re human.
  • Are you out to get the last word? Focusing on the wrong things makes us unmerciful. Why do you have to get the last word or win with a “zinger”?
Some doors close to redirect us.
Some doors close to redirect us.
  • What if you weren’t supposed to walk through a door of opportunity?
  • What if you walked through an opportunity door and it caused harm to someone else?
  • “Should” and “wish” are dangerous words.
  • Some doors close so we can be redirected and become a better human being. What if that door closed so you can choose to avoid hurting someone else?
  • Story of being invited to swim on the Nevada State Syncro Team. 
    Loving the freedom in the water!
    Loving the freedom in the water!
  • What would life have been like if you’d been able to do that one thing you didn’t?
  • Why didn’t you?
  • Are you blaming someone else for the lack of opportunity? (There are times when someone plays a role, but are you so busy scapegoating someone else that you haven’t given mercy to them or yourself?)
  • Another way to think about it: If I really wanted to do that, maybe there might have been another way.
  • Would that desire still be the same joyous freedom for you today if it became your “work”?
  • Are we so hooked on that idea of perfectionism from the past that we assume it’s a sad, missed opportunity? It’s more likely a redirection.
  • If you still want that desire, do you need more education? Have you taken the steps to get educated on what needs to happen?
    Getting trained in synchronized swimming meant finding my own coach! Now I can have fun on my schedule.
    Getting trained in synchronized swimming meant finding my own coach! Now I can have fun on my schedule. What do you want to learn just for the joy of it?
  • Coveting is a blackened heart. Just because someone else achieved what we want. What do we need to do to achieve it?
  • Every blessing someone has includes circumstances and responsibility. We have to answer to God about how we use our abilities, talents, blessings.
  • When envy gets in the way, we get so busy focusing on what someone else has that it takes us off-track for our own goals and desires.
  • Have you been told that everything you do is wrong? If you’ve been told that, you’ve been told a lie. Give yourself the mercy to discover your own talents and abilities. Then get educated on how to use them and build them.
  • Use mercy for those people who’ve spoken lies into your life. They just don’t know better.
  • When we blame Adam and Eve for biting the fruit and committing the first sin, we forget they were just human, too. We all would have made the same mistake because we all want things our own way.
  • When we don’t make the right choice, God is merciful to us and helps us find our way back.
  • Don’t focus on the mistake as much as you focus on the solution.
  • Admit the mistake and then allow others to help you find a new way to solve the problem.
  • God’s plan is a lot bigger than our mistakes, our wishes, and our “should”.
  • Recognize it, live in our reality, and be merciful to yourself and others so you can walk forward. How can you get to where you need to go now?
  • It’s more fun to be multidimensional. Even the most beautiful gem has its own flaws. It makes that gem uniquely identifiable. Just like each one of us. The flaws we’ve overcome help us to be unique and helpful to others.
  • By sharing what we’ve overcome, we offer tools to someone else to help them.
  • When you embrace all the flaws that you’ve experienced, you become uniquely you and able to make a difference in the lives around you.
  • How often do you use “should” and “wish”? What can you replace them with?
  • Stop the envy. Walk a mile in your brother’s moccasins. If we knew all the struggles another person has, we’d be shocked and wouldn’t want to walk in their shoes.
  • Perfectionism holds us hostage. Let go of judgment and “should”. Don’t be like Lot’s wife, a woman who can’t let go of the past.
  • It’s merciful to release yourself and others from unrealistic expectations. You’ll be more joyful and experience a lot less irritation and frustration. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.
  • Speak the truth in love with mercy as your guiding light.
  • 14: 30 (NIV) A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy can rot the bones.

Next week we discuss “Understanding paradigms in candor”.

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