Historically Speaking Guest Spot?

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Historically Speaking guest spot
with Angela Breidenbach?

Want to be a Historically Speaking guest? Read the guidelines and then apply…

Want to be on air with me?

Crucial details to apply for an interview spot as a guest on Historically Speaking and preparing for the interview…

  • Do you know a true historical love story? (If so, please share a few short sentences including who, what, where, when, and why you think it’s unique or fascinating. The story does not need to be famous, but must be engaging.)
  • Is it from your own ancestry? (NOTE: Does not need to be, but must be historical from at least two generations on back.)
  • Do you have any support documentation or proof of your story? (What is it and can we share it on the air?)
  • Can you share how you found out about the story?
  • Do you tell it in an engaging and entertaining way? (Stories that make us laugh, cry, feel injustice, or the success of overcoming are a high priority.)
  • Are you familiar with past episodes of Historically Speaking? Listen to a sample here.
  • Are you wanting to promote a book or organization that highlights or connects to your story? (If so, what? And no, you don’t have to have anything. I just need to have the opportunity to preview the material for familiarization, professionalism, and family-friendly communication. If you do not have a book or organization, that’s just fine. It’s the special story our listeners will want to hear.)
  • Historically Speaking is family-friendly education and entertainment intended to cover as many countries and centuries as possible. All interviewees must be aware that children can be listening at any time. All language, topics, and intention must be to provide an uplifting and safe environment for people of all ages. Our goal will always be to encourage intergenerational communication. Please do not apply to promote any books or material that is not appropriate for family consumption.
  • Guests will be asked to use a headset or microphone, if none available then we will prerecord to get sound balanced using your landline (prefer mic or headset).
  • Guests will be asked to provide: email, landline phone number, cell number, website (if applicable).
  • Bonus points if you are: a genealogy professional, a professional storyteller in any genre, a docent, etc., but it’s not necessary if you have proof of your story.
  • Guests are requested to share their interview on their social media, website (if existing), and anywhere that will help grow the listening audience as well as promote energy and excitement toward genealogical and historical discovery.
  • All decisions on guests and material are reserved and made by Angela Breidenbach in order to stay within the brand and expectation of the theme and expectation of the listeners.
  • These details may be updated at any time. If you’d like to apply, please contact Angela here and be sure to include the answers to the above list. Remember, you don’t have to be famous to have a great ancestral or historically true love story. You just need to be able to share it and encourage others to search for theirs through your family story.