Muse Minion


Muse: Because my employer is merciless in her demands, I have taken the high road and hired a minion.

Writer: I am not mercilessly demanding. I simply have a lot of work.

Muse: And that flows down hill, you know. Hence, I have my own personal assistant, thank you very much.

Muse shares his organizational plan with Mariah
Muse explains his filing system to Mariah for the new office reorganization plan.

Writer: Oh is that so?

Muse: Meet Muse Minion Mariah. Tah dah!

Writer: Do you expect her to do everything for you?

Muse: Isn’t that what minions do?

Writer: (Sigh) I can see we’ll need to give Mariah a lot of compassion this summer. Her task master has high expectations…

Muse instructing his new minion, Mariah.
Muse instructing his new minion, Mariah.