Gems of Wisdom: The Treasure of Experience is a Dove Foundation Award Recipient. This book has been rated Faith-friendly by The Dove Foundation.

2016 Fall New Release Gems of Wisdom: The Treasure of Experience achieves a bucket list goal for Angela Breidenbach as her first book gaining a Dove Foundation Award. This book has been rated Faith-friendly by The Dove Foundation.

2016 Fall New Releases by Angela Breidenbach

It’s been a busy year leading to a busy Fall new release season for me.

Three books releasing this fall and a couple of new contracts pending…
1. Contemporary romance collection, The Bucket List Dare (including Her Impossible Dream) comes out mid-October. This cover pending…
2. Gems of Wisdom: The Treasure of Experience, non-fiction women’s devotional, helps women cope with the past and become women of courage, confidence, and candor. Releases Oct. 25th. This book earned something really special to me! Gems of Wisdom is a recipient of The Dove Foundation’s “Faith-friendly” Seal of Approval!! Here’s the review on Ironically, a bucket list goal. (Ironic because of the fiction book coming out in the same month that actually carries the words “bucket list”! Truly, I did not see that happening the way it did.)
3. Blue Ribbon Brides (includes Seven Medals & a Bride), Historical Romance Collection, 9 stories of women who win big at the local, state, or national fairs. This book releases Nov. 1st.
4. Next book I’m writing? Fanned Embers for the Second Chance Brides historical romance collection coming out Aug. 2017.
5. After that? Sagebrush Bride in the American Flowers series. It releases Aug. 2017.
6. And the newest? His Indentured Bride in the Captive Brides, another historical romance collection releasing Fall 2017…

I hope you’ll all enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them 🙂

FYI: Not all the covers are ready yet, but I’ll share as soon as I can.


Excellent tool for Bible studies and small groups.
Victim to Victorious and Build Better Relationship talks
and retreats blossom from this book.

About the book: Gems of Wisdom: For a Treasure-filled Life
Gems_study_cov_rev_RGB[1]To Order: (Pending due to website crash. So sorry for the inconvenience.)

Gems of Wisdom goal is to empower and educate while encouraging personal growth, healthy lifestyle, and intentional living by uncovering the unique purpose knit into each person’s DNA. Often self-defeating behaviors (our pirates) stop us from overcoming victimhood. Now you can battle those pirates so you are no longer a victim, but victorious! Fill your treasure chest with the gems of wisdom mined from life’s difficulties and overflow those treasures into the lives of others. Welcome to your treasure hunt! May your treasure chest be filled to over flowing.~Angie

Topical Outline and Presentation Suggestions

Gems of Wisdom Topical outline is available for individual talks or women’s retreats ranging from luncheon to full week long retreat lengths. A favorite topic is: Victim to Victorious.

Chapter 1 What’s Fair? (Gemstone: Tanzanite- Pirate: Injustice)
Chapter 2 Acceptance (Gemstone: Moonstone- Pirates: Magical Thinking & Denial)
Chapter 3 Opalescence (Gemstone: Opal- Pirates: Ownership)
Chapter 4 Courage (Gemstone: Obsidian- Pirates: Fear & Short term thinking)
Chapter 5 Reframing (Gemstone: Garnet-Pirates: Rumination, Destructive Scripts & Assumptions)
Chapter 6 Forgiveness (Gemstone: Bloodstone- Pirates: Martyrdom, Anger & Unforgiveness)
Chapter 7 The Secret of Being Proactive (Gemstone: Zircon- Pirates: Ignorance, Emotion & Reactivity)
Chapter 8 The Adventure of Confidence (Gemstone: Spinel-Pirates: Worry & Perfectionism)
Chapter 9 Mercy (Gemstone: Aquamarine-Pirates: Unreasonable Expectations)
Chapter 10 Self-Care (Gemstone: Amethyst- Pirates: Fatigue, Busyness & Chaos)
Chapter 11 Paradigm (Gemstone: Mother of Pearl- Pirates: Self-Defeating behaviors Frustration, Helplessness, Pessimism & Negativity)
Chapter 12 Radiance (Gemstone: Sunstone- Pirate: Shame)
Chapter 13 Courtesy (Gemstone: Jade- Pirate: Impatience)
Chapter 14 Consideration (Gemstone: Alexandrite- Pirates: Arguments, Confrontation & Logic (I have to be right regardless of the outcome)
Chapter 15 Teambuilding (Gemstone: Tourmaline- Pirates: Power & Control)
Chapter 16 Filtering (Gemstone: Iolite- Pirate: Misconceptions)
Chapter 17 The Secret Treasures of Education and Knowledge (A chest full of wise gems)

Gems of Wisdom Theme Song

Written by: Laura Krzyston Performed by: Zechariah’s Son