08 – The Trap of Short-term Thinking

  • Fear happens, the question is how will you handle it?
  • The story of nearly losing my son to strangling on a wire.
  • Short-term thinking comes from being unprepared.
  • Short-term thinking causes reaction and defensiveness.
  • Training for potential disasters can be used in parallel situations. That training gives us the ability to transfer logical possibilities to call on skills.
  • Thinking through future possibilities allows us to mentally prepare for something that can be challenging or emergent.
  • Are you a short or long-term thinker?
  • Do you think through and prepare for repetitive situations?
  • Are you physically prepared?
  • Everything we’ve experienced helps us in how to handle the unknown.
  • Build confidence in small things to build toward future experience.
  • Courage isn’t just for you. It’s how you help other people.
  • People who have short-term thinking tend to have quick-fire emotional reactions to negative situations.
  • To overcome something that’s hard, mentally focus on 1, 5, or 10 years into the future. Ask: what’s the result if I do… or if I don’t do… What could I do differently? What would be a kind or loving way to handle it?
  • Take it to prayer to bring God into it. Prayer helps us overcome attitude problems.
  • How will your actions/reactions affect people in the future? Children, grandchildren, others?
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  • For more on this topic, consider reading Gems of Wisdom: For a treasure-filled life.

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