Ghostwriting, Collaboration, and Memoirs

author Cheryl Ricker

Ghostwriter and Collaborator, Cheryl Ricker

Last week’s episode with Linda S. Clare on Lit Up with Angela Breidenbach opened the door for part 2 this week as  Cheryl Ricker joins Lit Up host, Angela Breidenbach, to talk about ghostwriting memoirs with the person whose story needs to be told. Tips on ghostwriting, how to collaborate on the story, and how to tell the story using plot points rather than the day-by-day. This episode is a perfect dovetail off of last week’s Writing Memoir topic. Memoir is a tough genre to write even if you’re a trained author. What if you aren’t? What does a contract look like for collaborators? How do you get to the nitty gritty of the story and transfer that to the page for the reader? Listen to Lit Up with Angela Breidenbach episode 37.

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About Angela’s guest: Cheryl Ricker has a degree in Creative Writing from York University in Toronto, Canada, and studied Theology at Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX. She has written or contributed to six books. She ghostwrote and collaborated on two memoirs:

Books Mentioned:

Rush of Heaven: One Woman’s Miraculous Encounter with Jesus (Zondervan)

This miraculous encounter is more than an inspiring, compelling story that will capture your attention. It is an unforgettable rush of truth that will open your heart to find lasting joy and peace, no matter what you’re going through. You will see your life from a whole new hope-filled perspective.


Josiah’s Fire: Autism Stole his words, God gave him a Voice (BroadStreet). Autism stole his words, God gave him a voice.
First-time parents Joe and Tahni Cullen were thrust into the confusing world of autism when their toddler, Josiah, suddenly lost his ability to speak, play, and socialize. The diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder. In their attempts to see Josiah recover and regain speech, the Cullens underwent overwhelming physical, emotional, and financial struggles. While other kids around him improved, Josiah only got worse.

Five years later, Josiah, who had not been formally taught to read or write, suddenly began to type on his iPad profound paragraphs about God, science, history, business, music, strangers, and heaven. Josiah’s eye-opening visions, heavenly encounters, and supernatural experiences forced his family out of their comfort zone and predictable theology, catapulting them into a mind-blowing love-encounter with Jesus.

The Good Gift Giver: 21 Days of Blessings

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Lit Up! with Angela Breidenbach, a show for creatives and those who want to know what makes them tick!

Lit Up! with Angela Breidenbach, a new show for creatives and those who want to know what makes them tick!

About Lit Up host, Angela Breidenbach: Angela Breidenbach writes romance through the ages, teaches the business of writing, hosts the radio show Lit Up, and is in process of getting her genealogical studies degree. She’s the president of the Christian Authors Network. Angela lives in Missoula, MT with her hubby and Muse, a trained fe-lion, who can shake hands, lay down and roll over, and jump through a hoop. Surprisingly, Angela can also.

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Angela’s memoir is Gems of Wisdom: The Treasure of Experience

 Written to help women become courageous, become who God meant them to be, and become a woman of confidence.



Ep—10 Candor: Speaking the truth in love

Speaking the truth in love

Speaking the truth in love

Our topic is Candor for the next 5 weeks 🙂 Candor is being able to speak the truth in love

Definition of candor— Candor | Definition of candor by Merriam-Webster freedom from prejudice or malice: fairness. 3. archaic: kindliness. 4. unreserved, honest, or sincere expression: forthrightness.

  • Candor can mean not speaking or leaving a situation that’s unhealthy
  • Women don’t have to be like men.
  • Just because the world says to get what we want we have to push to get what we want doesn’t mean we have to be that way.
  • Don’t give away your power to someone who doesn’t have the right to hold it. Walking away from a situation before you lose control allows you to keep your power and not give it away.
  • There’s a time for righteous indignation. But not every fight is that time.
  • Exhaustion can make us snap and say what we don’t intend.
  • Graciousness allows us to be wise and recognize our own fatigue, irritation, hunger, etc. so we take ourselves out of a situation rather than stay and let it go “south”.
  • Boundaries are a time to speak up. Hold your ground when your boundaries are crossed.
  • A firm voice doesn’t make a person rude. Firmness is important when boundaries are disrespected. A woman is not one of the many cuss words because she holds her boundaries.
  • Ask yourself: Do I feel like I have the right to my own boundaries? Do I feel like I’m always being stepped on? What words can I say that will hold my boundaries?
  • Learn to say “no” when I don’t want to do something or have something done.
  • Do people hide what they don’t know how to deal with? When we hide things, that doesn’t mean others are being unfair. Speak up.
  • Life is not fair. Throw out the window the idea that life and people are always supposed to be fair.
  • Some people do want to act miserably. We don’t have to stay around those people.
  • Ask: Am I tired or irritated or angry? Is the noise level or input level over-stimulating? If the answer is yes, it’s better to take ourselves out of that situation rather than say or do something we’d regret. Take time to refresh and rejuvenate so we can be kind, honest, and sincere.
  • Speak the truth in love to other people AND to yourself. Know when you can’t handle what’s going on around you.
  • Our integrity takes a hit when we act against our internal sense of self and intention. Then our self-image gets lowered.
  • Unreserved doesn’t mean no filter on our mouths. It means not holding back compliments, honesty, grace. Being sincere and kind in our expression so we raise others up and not tear others down.
  • Self-discipline means having the discipline to leave when we’re in a weak spot internally.
  • How do you feel when someone else always has to have the last word or a “dig”? It’s crossing a boundary. Speaking the truth in love might offer a question: When situation was resolved, why did you feel you needed to say more? The question gives the other person something to think about. We don’t have to make them understand they’re wrong. But asking leading questions at least gives them something to think about.
  • It’s not up to us to heal all the other people in the world of hurt and malice. That’s God’s job. God is the only fairness and healing. It’s up to that person and God to work those issues through. I have to leave it with them because I can’t make another person be what I want them to be.
  • If being kind, honest, sincere and holding to personal standards is important, then pay attention to whether you should stay in or leave a situation. If you have the possibility of going against your set of standards, what will you do? Think it through in advance to avoid being a hypocrite.
  • Do you want your words to bless others or act as a stumbling block?
  • Ask: Can I maintain my dignity in this moment?
  • To break the cycles of bad habits or behavior, we have to choose to act and react differently than we have up to that moment. Changing our behavior can change the outcome.
  • Dig deep for your gem of wisdom so you don’t keep spitting in the wind. Sometimes we get humiliated by someone else or on our own. Learn from that and don’t keep spitting in the wind.
  • Your integrity, honesty, genuineness of being help you like the person in the mirror.

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Tips for resources:

Grace Under Pressure Radio on iTunes

Gems of Wisdom: For a Treasure-filled Life (paperback book)

Gems of Wisdom: For a treasure-filled life. (paperback book)

Gems of Wisdom: For a treasure-filled life. (paperback book)

Available for individual reading, group Bible study, or book clubs. Group discounts also available. Please contact me and let me know how many copies you need. I’ll also be happy to Skype, Google Hangout, Facetime into your group for presentations and discussions.

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07 — Overcoming Specific Fears

Dive in!
Angie still swims today!

I still love swimming and diving, especially with my kids and grandkids 🙂

  • What huge fear has you paralyzed? Admit fear exists and embrace the fear rather than running from it.
  • Most of the time, building it up in your mind is harder than facing the fear itself.
  • What positive outcome do you want more than staying afraid?
  • What negative outcome is worse than dealing with the fear?
  • Diving into embrace the fear is often the easiest way through it.
  • The words in your head matter when facing fears.
  • Thinking poorly of someone trying to help you get through the fear creates a block to overcoming the fear as well as breaks relationship.
  • Anger at someone trying to help you through the fear is debilitating and deflects the responsibility for action.
  • Take deep breaths.
  • Count (especially if it’s just a matter of starting the action).
  • It helps manage your fear, the rush of adrenaline, and reminds you Someone bigger is in control.
  • Take it one thing at a time.
  • Start with the most familiar to help you begin.
  • If it stung, don’t quit. Think about the little things you can tweak to try again.

Who can you help with what you learned from the fearful experience?

Arcing back dive into an underwater circle (used in synchronized swimming).

Arcing back dive into an underwater circle (used in synchronized swimming).

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