03 — Behaving Like a Confident Woman


Episode 03—Tips for Behaving Like a Confident Woman

Join me in the next episode when we tackle teaching confidence skills to our daughters and granddaughters…

03 Practical tips to behaving like a Confident woman—Highlight notes

  1. Be intentional
  2. Be a person with boundaries who knows what their boundaries are and what the consequences for crossing the boundaries will be. It takes thought ahead of time.
  3. Be proactive not reactive

            Set the stage and the mood ahead of time

  1. Be a grateful/thankful person

           Manage gratefulness.

  1. Be a woman of prayer
  2. Talk out negative emotions with a safe person

            Negative emotions journal/highlight the facts, not the flowery words

  1. Have a gratitude journal
  2. Consider other people (verse on higher than yourself?)
  3. Give appreciation away

            You’ll grow in your sense of well-being.

  1. Be generous with your time and your heart
  2. Have a quiet heart (that doesn’t mean a quiet personality)
  3. 12. Allow others to love you

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02—Educating Ourselves in Confidence Strategies


02 Educating ourselves in Confidence strategies—every expert started clueless

  • Every expert started clueless
  • Worry, the silent dream stealer
  • How perfectionism halts performance (Cinderella prom story)
  • How a victim’s attitude creates failure (staying stuck in a situation)
  • How does jealousy (coveting) undermine confidence?
  • How do we protect our personal goals from condemnation?
  • How to accept compliments?

Upcoming episodes will include practical tips for behaving like a confident woman, and teaching confidence skills to our daughters and granddaughters…