05 Facing Fears Part 1 (Interview with actress Elizabeth Diane Wells)

Actress Elizabeth Diane Wells
Meet Actress Elizabeth Diane Wells

Meet Actress Elizabeth Diane Wells

Meet actress, Elizabeth Diane Wells, in this episode of Grace Under Pressure Radio.

She’s the voice of A Healing Heart and today she shares what inspires her, what she fears, how she handles fear, and her thoughts on empathy, compassion, and storytelling.

What’s the definition of failure?

How to combat the fear of failure?

The numbers game…

How to handle rejection…

The role of preparation in failure or success…

What’s required of us?

Stay tuned for part 2 in this rich interview of facing our fears with actress, Elizabeth Diane Wells, in episode 06.

If you’d like to hear even more in a bonus feature, tune into Bonus Feature 05.5 when we hear Elizabeth tell us what it was like to record her first audio book, A Healing Heart, and what she learned from the experience. But don’t miss the very revealing moment she tells us how it changed her life…coming Sep. 3rd, being released during the Facebook party celebrating the new Audible release of A Healing Heart by Angela Breidenbach and voiced by Elizabeth Diane Wells!