EP-11 What Role Does Acceptance Play in Candor


EP_11 What role does Acceptance play in candor?

A soft touch verbally or physically helps manage a rough moment.

A soft touch verbally or physically helps manage a rough moment, even when Muse swipes my chair.

  • Acceptance is the first step to becoming a woman of candor. We have to know ourselves as well as other people.
  • 1 Cor. 13: 11 When I was a child, I spoke like a child…
  • When we bring our childhood beliefs and reactions into adulthood, we don’t always choose the best reactions/actions.
  • How do we recognize when misperceptions skew reality around us?
  • Walking away and standing up for ourselves or other people are both wise in specific situations.
  • Am I fully awake in the situation, paying attention?
  • Do I understand what I’m supposed to be saying or doing in the situation?
  • Rachel’s story…
  • I have no magical powers to change things and make what I want happen. I only have the power of love.
  • Is magical thinking an issue for you?
  • Women of candor recognize reality.
  • What holds you back, and those you love, from being who and what you need to be?
  • Accept the way it is. Once we begin to understand how to accept reality, the obstacles begin to fall.
  • Going back to familiar behaviors means the familiar outcome. But that doesn’t mean the familiar outcome is positive.
  • Don’t let yourself be pulled into magical thinking and ignores reality.
  • Acceptance is to be resigned to reality, not from it. It’s not quitting.
  • Circumstances are what they are. Once we’ve accepted the direction we need to go, then we can use the gift of candor to gain a different outcome.
  • Feelings exist and don’t belong to anyone else. They just are. They’re your feelings.
  • Practice living in the truth, accept life for what it is, and speak the truth in love so you become a lighter-hearted, happier person. Let go of the past and go forward into a better future.

Next week is how Mercy is an important part of candor. Go forth and shine like the dawn as you accept life as it is so you can choose where you will go from here.

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