Muse and Writer tackle writer’s block


Writer: Ahh! So many distractions today! 

Muse: Perchance doth thou require mine assistance?

Writer: I have a little writer’s block today. Need to get these pages filled.

Muse: Thou but hast to ask for rescue. (tap, tap. tap…)

Writer: I don’t think an entire page of the letter “O” is quite what I had in mind. Muse? Muse? Stop snoring!


An A-Muse-ing Theory

Muse pops bubble wrap

Writer: Ahh!! Quit!
Muse: What? Am I annoying you?

Muse pops bubble wrap

Muse: What? My bubble popping is annoying you?

Writer: Yes! I’m trying to rebuild my website. You keep popping bubble wrap and you’re driving me nuts!
Muse: Ah, I see. So my actions are causing your reactions.
Writer: Now you get it.
Muse: Absolutely. E=MC2.

Muse pops a roll of bubble wrap

Muse: I don’t have a bubble popping addiction…it’s just fun!

Writer: You’re not going to stop, are you?
Muse: Theoretically, no…

Muse claws bubble wrap

Muse: How many bubbles can the claws on one paw pop?

Writer: (Facepalm.)