Special — Free Kindle of Gems of Wisdom

Gems of Wisdom: The Treasure of Experience is a Dove Foundation Award Recipient. This book has been rated Faith-friendly by The Dove Foundation.

If you haven’t read Gems of Wisdom: The Treasure of Experience yet, here’s your chance to get a free ebook copy through April 7, 2017.

Honestly, I just wanted to do something nice for my readers to celebrate spring 🙂
I’ll be at the Missoula Fresh Market on April 22nd to answer questions on how to get into publishing. My friend, Susan Thomas, will be there answering too. So if one of us doesn’t know the answer, the other probably does. Swing in and celebrate our local grocer’s anniversary. Southside at Reserve and Brooks in Missoula is 9a-1130a. Northside, on Broadway, is 1:30-330p. See you soon  and remember to grab your free Kindle of Gems of Wisdom before Friday.

Click the book cover or click here to get your free Kindle copy of Gems of Wisdom.

Here’s what the book is about: Gems of Wisdom: The Treasure of Experience, helping women cope with the past while they gain courage, confidence, and candor. Rereleasing as the first book in the new Grace Under Pressure Radio series that supports becoming a woman of courage, confidence, and candor! Updated material and new cover, (originally published as Gems of Wisdom: For A Treasure-Filled Life) you’ll embark on a treasure hunt for God’s unique gems of wisdom. Be empowered, learn to influence through your own life lessons, and preserve important relationships. Gems of Wisdom invites the reader on a treasure hunt to find important life concepts represented by the beautiful stones God created. Excellent for Bible study and book clubs, and now with the bonus companion guide available separately for study members. Formats: Paperback, ebook, and audio books all available soon.
**Award recipient of The Dove Foundation’s Faith-friendly Dove Seal of Approval.
This book has been rated faith-friendly by the Dove Foundation.

Here’s what people liked:

“When I read Gems of Wisdom, I particularly loved the positive advice with the emphasis on setting goals, journaling, and taking small steps toward changing your life. She covers all the positive attitudes we need to counter the negatives one that we can be bombarded with day in and out. This can be done through education and knowledge, both of which leads to wisdom.

“Living can be hard, filled with many trials and tribulations, but Gems of Wisdom gives you concrete ways to get a handle on those problems, so you can live your life to the fullest. I cried when reading this, but mostly I walked away with tools to use to solve issues I had been wrestling with. I was able to fight those pirates that wanted to rob me of peace.

“Reading Gems of Wisdom will enrich your life. You will find a treasure trove of gems that will equip you to make sound decisions. There is no place for negativity. Embrace life and savor the words to come.” —Margaret Daley, an award winning, multi-published author

“Angie Breidenbach’s book is thoughtful and insightful. This book offers encouragement in a heart-touching manner that leaves the reader blessed in the hope of God’s faithfulness. Thank you, Angie for being brave enough to confront these battles head on, and for sharing your heart.” —Tracie Peterson, best-selling author of Embers of Love, and Song of Alaska series


06 — Facing Our Fears part 2 Interview with Elizabeth Diane Wells

Actress Elizabeth Diane Wells

Meet Actress Elizabeth Diane Wells

Our main topic is Courage!

Welcome to part 2 of Facing Our Fears and the interview with actress, Elizabeth Diane Wells, as we discover more about ourselves through listening to the wisdom and experience of other courageous, confident, and candid women…

We left off in part 1 asking Elizabeth, “What is your deepest fear?”

  •  Worst failure? Best success? 
  •  I believe you have to be willing to fail in order to succeed. So think about how your failures have led you to success.
  • Should you say or not say something when you’ve been wronged?
  • How do you handle paybacks with bullies?
  • How does insecurity affects bully behavior?
  • The damage of one-upmanship and unforgiveness gives power to the other person.
  • Are you dedicating your energy to a grudge?
  •  Favorite audition experience?
  • Elizabeth Diane Wells will be performing on stage in the Christmas Carol at the Alliance Theatre this season.

05 Facing Fears Part 1 (Interview with actress Elizabeth Diane Wells)

Actress Elizabeth Diane Wells
Meet Actress Elizabeth Diane Wells

Meet Actress Elizabeth Diane Wells

Meet actress, Elizabeth Diane Wells, in this episode of Grace Under Pressure Radio.

She’s the voice of A Healing Heart and today she shares what inspires her, what she fears, how she handles fear, and her thoughts on empathy, compassion, and storytelling.

What’s the definition of failure?

How to combat the fear of failure?

The numbers game…

How to handle rejection…

The role of preparation in failure or success…

What’s required of us?

Stay tuned for part 2 in this rich interview of facing our fears with actress, Elizabeth Diane Wells, in episode 06.

If you’d like to hear even more in a bonus feature, tune into Bonus Feature 05.5 when we hear Elizabeth tell us what it was like to record her first audio book, A Healing Heart, and what she learned from the experience. But don’t miss the very revealing moment she tells us how it changed her life…coming Sep. 3rd, being released during the Facebook party celebrating the new Audible release of A Healing Heart by Angela Breidenbach and voiced by Elizabeth Diane Wells!