01-The difference between confidence and courage


Aug 2015 Topic is Confidence:

01 The difference between Confidence and Courage—Baby Steps

  • Courage is doing something when you know it has to be done, whether you’re prepared or educated or capable.
  • The chocolate story.
  • Confidence is doing something because you know you can do it. Though related, courage and confidence aren’t the same thing at all.
  • To gain confidence, you take baby steps.
  • How does jealousy interfere and undermine confidence?
  • Be proactive and not reactive
  • Consider others as equal, not better than you
  • Be generous with your time, talents, and appreciation of others
  • Boundaries are crucial
  • Be proactive, not reactive.
  • Allow others to love and compliment you without negating.

Upcoming episodes will include educating ourselves in confidence strategies, practical tips for behaving like a confident woman, and teaching confidence skills to our daughters and granddaughters…