04 — Teaching Confidence to Our Daughters


GUPR Episode 04 Teaching confidence skills to our daughters and granddaughters…

Happy little girl to confident woman?

Happy little girl to confident woman?

  • Be a living example.
    • What our daughters/granddaughters watch speaks louder than our lip service that they can do/be anything. Are you becoming the you of your expectations and dreams?
    • Achieve! They’ll only believe they can achieve if they see other women reaching for and achieving their goals.
    • Watch your words. Remember that negative emotion journal? Write your worries and negative words there. Don’t let your daughters/granddaughters hear them.
    • Watch the words you say to others about yourself and others. What is sowed into our daughters becomes scripts they believe about themselves. Sow confidence, love, support.
    • Criticism and critique are very different. Be a critiquer, not a critic. Remember to look for and say what is great. Avoid ripping people apart.
    • Loss/failure teach humility and what we don’t want. Learning what we don’t want is as important as learning what we do want.
    • The ability to accept failure is crucial. If you’re not willing to fail, you’re not willing to succeed.
    • Learn a new script: I’m willing to fail so that I can succeed.
    • If you see something needs to be done, do it.
    • Teach critical thinking skills so your children can make better decisions with great questions like: What do you think you’ll do next time that might work better?
    • Growing a child in small confidence opportunities grows trust in that child’s abilities and decisions. Avoid excessive outward worry.
    • If you’re a worrywart, you bet your daughter/granddaughter will be. Think about how that affects your family generationally.
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