06 — Facing Our Fears part 2 Interview with Elizabeth Diane Wells

Actress Elizabeth Diane Wells

Meet Actress Elizabeth Diane Wells

Our main topic is Courage!

Welcome to part 2 of Facing Our Fears and the interview with actress, Elizabeth Diane Wells, as we discover more about ourselves through listening to the wisdom and experience of other courageous, confident, and candid women…

We left off in part 1 asking Elizabeth, “What is your deepest fear?”

  •  Worst failure? Best success? 
  •  I believe you have to be willing to fail in order to succeed. So think about how your failures have led you to success.
  • Should you say or not say something when you’ve been wronged?
  • How do you handle paybacks with bullies?
  • How does insecurity affects bully behavior?
  • The damage of one-upmanship and unforgiveness gives power to the other person.
  • Are you dedicating your energy to a grudge?
  •  Favorite audition experience?
  • Elizabeth Diane Wells will be performing on stage in the Christmas Carol at the Alliance Theatre this season.
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