6 Quick tips to beat writer’s block

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Tip #4 for writers block? Take a Walk and see the beauty around you…

I get asked a lot how to overcome writers block. So here are 6 quick tips to beat writer’s block, and make it bow to me instead:

I had so many back-to-back contracts the last 2 years it was overwhelming. With such quick turn-arounds, I often ended up researching while I wrote. Not an easy way to get word count on the page. It’s really easy to end up spinning wheels in writers block because the frazzled brain is still processing.

These are my 6 “go-to” tips and tricks to beat writer’s block into submission.

1. I watch movies made about the era or topic. Doing that puts my mindset there in a passive way. I get more interested.
2. I pray. A lot.
3. I call a friend or two and brainstorm the book. Helps me get excited again.
4. I take breaks and go for a walk if I’ve sat too long. No bloodflow, no brain power.
5. I look for a research question and follow the rabbit trail. It’s again about inciting interest inside me.
6. I write an outline so a few lines about each chapter are on each chapter start page. Suddenly I have 8-12 or more pages and it’s no longer a blank document staring back at me 🙂

And a new bonus tip: I also purposefully think about the story, scene, and/or character I want to write right before going to sleep. Almost every time, I’ve either dreamed about it or woken with a full scene to a full story. Rarely has this not worked for me. Our brain wants to work out problems while we sleep. So set yourself up to allow that miraculous, mysterious brain God created to unravel the details as it was made to do.

Update for folks who’d like to learn how Jerry Jenkins beats writer’s block. I’ve been asked by his organization to share a link to an article by Jerry Jenkins. I’m sharing it because I do believe we learn from one another, different voices connect with different people, and as the article states…

If Writer’s Block were real, why would it affect only writers? Imagine calling your boss and saying, “I can’t come in today. I have worker’s block.”

If you’d like to read Jerry’s entire article, click here.

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