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Are you a reader and historical romance fan? If so, you will love this special opportunity to get 9 free historical romance novels! In the case of Taking the Plunge, my gift for signing up for my newsletter, you’re also getting it before this lovely romance releases in ebook or paperback on June 1st. Click here: https://books.bookfunnel.com/historicalchristianromance

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9 Historical Romances Free When You Sign Up For Newsletters

How does it work? Each author is offering a free book to those who would like to enjoy our newsletters on a regular basis. For example, my newsletter is focused on genealogy and history research including travel tips. I have a second newsletter option for fans of Writer and Muse, A-Muse-ings, a fe-lion funny note that will go out once a month featuring cat comedy, how to nurture your creative muse, and pet training tips. Yes, you can train a cat to do tricks! Choose either or both to get your free copy of Taking the Plunge, set in 1892 Montana. Each author has their own features in their newsletters and a very special novel to share with you.

The special runs May 15-31, 2019 and includes free books from all these amazing authors:

Leveraging Lincoln by Stephenia H. McGee
What it’s about:
“All we have to do is kidnap their President….” Four years of war have reduced the South to near annihilation. Homes lay smoldering and men become desperate. Amid the shadows of fear, a clandestine group waits for an opportunity to change the course of history. Harlot, liar, spy… On the threshold of losing her plantation, Annabelle Ross finds a cryptic letter on a dying soldier and seizes the opportunity to get out a message of her own. She never dreamed her plan would brand her a suspected spy… or worse, an unwilling conspirator. Deserter, traitor, accomplice… When Matthew Daniels’s brother is taken captive, he finds himself caught up in a plot to gain leverage o n the Union. The lines are drawn in blood, and the risk is there for the taking. But will his reckless gamble cost him the woman he had determined not to love? She wants to save her home. He wants to save his brother. Together, they may just save a nation.

She Walks in Power by MaryLu Tyndall
What it’s about: Alexia D’Clere didn’t ask to be Protector of the Spear, but after her dying mother gave her the tiny metal object and made her promise to keep it safe, she had no choice. Orphaned at age eight, she began to take over the running of her parent’s castle with the help of a trusted steward. Yet, when a plot to murder her was revealed, a friar whisked her away to live hidden in the forest. There, she learned to shoot expertly with bow and arrow and hone her skills to see into the spirit realm. Now, at eighteen, Alexia continues to keep the Spear protected, provide meat for the starving village, while secretly caring for her ill sister who still lives in the castle. With Alexia’s powers of spiritual discernment and her skill as an archer, she is no match for those who come for the spear. That is until she meets Ronar LePeine, one of the King’s elite guard. Ronar desires nothing more than to do his duty to God and King and pay penance for past sins. Yet a forest sprite with red, flaming hair blocks his every move, all the while enchanting him like no other. Something evil lurks at Castle Luxley, and both Ronar and Alexia are soon thrust into the middle of a spiritual battle which will not only test their very beliefs, but put them both in mortal danger.

Matchmaker by Kari Trumbo
What it’s about:
A mail order bride comes to Cutter’s Creek, but her groom doesn’t know. Cora Hardstone needs the love she lost when her parents tragically died. Her life has been cold and lonely since. A letter from the man she’d long ago admired seems like an answer to her prayer. Peter Martin has failed at everything he’s tried for years, and he refuses to take a wife and force her to join his downfall. His mother steps in, hoping to change fate, but can she get him to agree? Can Cora convince Peter she’s willing to sacrifice to improve both their lives, or will they both lose the chance of a lifetime?

One Plus One Equals Troubly by Sandra Kraak
What it’s about: 
The one room schoolhouse isn’t big enough to hold thirty-four students, let alone the egos of two teachers. He can’t afford to lose the position, and she refuses to lose her heart. Washington, 1891 Humiliated after her broken engagement, Claire Montgomery flees her comfortable life in San Francisco for a teaching position in Pine Creek, Washington, a dot of a town nestled in the rugged Cascade Mountains. She’s determined to succeed—for once in her life—only to discover, upon her arrival, that success will have to be won. Thanks to a school board error, two teachers have been hired. When scandal forces professor Barrett Clarke from his position, he returns to Pine Creek where his uncle, chairman of the school board, sets forth an irresistible offer: teach one year in return for ranch land. For this would-be rancher, nothing is more tempting than resurrecting his childhood dream, and nothing can deter him from earning that land. Except perhaps Claire Montgomery. Losing the battle for the classroom means losing the ranch land, but winning may mean losing Claire’s heart. With large doses of humor and romantic tension, this Christian historical love story offers a picture of grace, forgiveness, and finding true worth.

Taking the Plunge by Angela Breidenbach
What it’s about:
Could she believe in herself when no one else did? In 1892 Montana, Delphina O’Connor believed God-given dreams for women didn’t stop at marriage and children. Hers might not include a husband or family at all. So when Hugh Thomas rescues the new swimming instructor at the elegant Broadwater Natatorium from near drowning in the plunge, how can anyone believe the freedom to enjoy swimming, competition, and a healthy body is an appropriate activity for a proper lady? Hugh is about to find out status quo is the starting line for a courageous woman with a dream! Taking the Plunge explores the real-world question: What do you do when you think differently than the world around you?

Carry Me Home by Dorothy Adamek
What it’s about: 
Finella Mayfield hates two things: liars and thieves. And she’s determined to marry a man who’s neither. Chasing her dead father’s dreams, the twenty-year-old English bride arrives in Australia in 1875 for an arranged marriage. Anticipating her future as village preacher’s wife, she records her thoughts in her Everlasting journal. But instead of her fiancé, Finella is met by Shadrach Jones, a poor farmer sent to collect her from the busy Melbourne pier. This is not what her father planned. And it’s only the beginning of the unraveling of Finella Mayfield ~ the bride with no groom. All Shadrach Jones longs for is rows of mustard and chicory. He’s busy growing a farm near the Phillip Island fishing village of Cowes, and caring for Molly, his simple sister. Far from the brutal life they remember with their ex-convict father, Shadrach’s building something new. But he’s also made a promise to a dying friend. To collect and marry the English girl destined to never be a preacher’s wife. Can Shadrach convince Finella she has a future with a farmer? Can he convince himself, knowing his family secrets will haunt their future? Carry Me Home ~ Book 1 in the Blue Wren Shallows series. An Australian historical romance set in the pioneering era of the 1870s, on Victoria’s majestic Phillip Island.

On the Wings of a Whisper by Lynnette Bonner
What it’s about: 
Stone Town, Zanzibar, Early 1866. RyAnne Hunter is determined to stop her father from leaving for the continent of Africa, where he plans to start a mission station. And she only has until morning. Tonight at the Harcourts’ Annual Ball will be her last chance to change his mind. She must succeed! Papa’s health, and her future, depend on her success. But, as if her task isn’t difficult enough, now the insufferable Captain Dawson has agreed to guide Papa’s expedition! After spending six months at sea, Captain Trent Dawson only wants to think about rest and relaxation. However, when he’s recruited by a British naval officer to help put an end to a slave smuggling ring, the perfect opportunity presents itself in Dr. Hunter, who needs a guide to the Interior. Now if he can just help the doctor without spending too much time with the man’s troublesome and flighty youngest daughter. A thrilling historical romance from the time of missionary explorer David Livingstone.

Grace Be A Lady by Heather Blanton
What it’s about: 
Banished and separated from her son, city-girl Grace has to survive in a cowboy’s world. Maybe it’s time to stop thinking like a lady…and act like a man. Banished to the dusty cow town of Misery for an alleged affair, Grace Hendrick wants nothing more than to get her son away from the clutches of his abusive father Bull, back in Chicago. But if she dares to return home, Bull has promised Grace she’ll never see their son again. She has no choice but to accept her situation–temporarily. Struggling to figure a way to survive, she refuses to consider prostitution. The hamlet of Misery, however, isn’t brimming over with jobs for respectable women. Fueled by hate and desperation, she concocts a shocking plan to find work. Thad Walker is the middle son of the oldest, most successful cattle baron in Wyoming, and he always puts the ranch first. One chance meeting with Grace Hendrick, though, batters his focus like a hail storm in July. And there couldn’t be a worse time to lose his focus with an ugly range war brewing. A true Western saga written in the the vein of Lonesome Dove and Redeeming Love, truth weaves seamlessly with fiction in Grace be a Lady to deliver a stunning tale of love blossoming in a field of violence.

Victoria by Lisa M. Prysock
What it’s about:
Lisa blends the world of southern belles with English aristocracy, Welshmen, and Scottish villagers in her own unique style with the story of Victoria, Volume 3 in the Brides of Grace Hill. Victoria has grown up on the Kentucky meadows and fields of Grace Hill and Sarah Rose Hall, surviving the Great War with her family, unscathed. She’s beautiful, vivacious, and swarmed by one beau after another. None of them have held her heart captive like Lieutenant Langford does for her sister, Rose. When Langford appears to be drawn to Victoria, there’s sure to be trouble. Ridge and Geneva, alarmed by the tension in the household amongst their daughters and hoping their youngest will find the strength of her faith, decide a Grand Tour is in store for Victoria. Will their idea happen in time to mend broken hearts? Reminiscent of the Old Testament Biblical story of Joseph, what lies ahead for the descendants of the Rosemonts, and particularly Victoria Morgan? A stand-alone novel.

Published by Angela Breidenbach

Angela Breidenbach is an author, genealogist, screenwriter, speaker, and radio personality.