Are indie books any good?

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Are indie books any good? How can you find good, professionally written and produced self-published books? 

Podcast episode 56, The rise of indie publishing with Liz Tolsma
Click the photo to listen to the show, Ep 56, The Rise of Indie Publishing with Liz Tolsma

Liz Tolsma interviews Genealogy Publishing Coach, Angela Breidenbach (me!), on publishing independently and tips for readers to find well-written, professionally produced books by independent authors. Now that the publishing world has changed so much from traditional publishing to merged publishing houses to how readers find and read books, authors are building their own businesses. 

Liz Tolsma tackles some great questions as we discuss quality and content along with the opportunity to discover really good books. Liz also asks about my new 6-book series, Queen of the Rockies, then enthusiastically endorses it on air! I seriously blushed at her genuine compliments about my writing and skills. You know, sometimes a girl really needs to hear an uplifting word!

Liz made my day and I hope we make yours with this fun and informative chat for readers who enjoy learning about the lives and businesses of their favorite authors and for those interested in delving into the publishing world.

Helping others avoid pitfalls and succeed in publishing, especially if you want to preserve family history, is a passion for me. So this interview really touched my heart. Come listen in… Listen to The Rise of Indie Publishing on the Christian Historical Fiction Talk show.

Just a fun note: Liz Tolsma just signed another 2-book contract! You can learn more about Liz at and do follow her on Bookbub, you’ll love her historical novels! We had the blessing of writing stories in the same anthology collection from Barbour Books called The Second Chance Brides. It’s been retired, but I really loved it. I’m bringing back my story independently soon. That’s the beauty of indie publishing. After a traditional company returns an authors rights, we can keep that story in the world rather than let it die in the dust of time. I write to preserve history. It’s too ironic that any of my historicals based on true history would just fade away. I hope you’ll enjoy what I do with stories like this into the future.

The Second Chance Brides Collection
The Second Chance Brides Collection


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