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Little by little, I’m working on adding the hundreds of articles and interviews I’ve been honored to do over the last several years. Enjoy these Angela Breidenbach articles and interviews!

Genuine Life with Jodie Stevens “Hi Friends, don’t miss this powerful episode “Overcoming Victimization and Victimology to Become a Person of Courage with my guest, Angela Breidenbach” —Jodie Stevens

Military Mom Talk Radio: Communication Tips from Best-Selling Author Angela Breidenbach

Because Fiction Podcast: Angela Breidenbach, being a genealogist, knows how to dig and do research.  As she told the stories she’d found and what they meant to creating these novels, I knew we’d found a goldmine.  Enjoy synchronized swimming?  Got it.  Love books about the Chicago World’s Fair?  Yep… got that, too.  What about a harpist?  A world-changing fire?  Railroad rivals?  Needle showers? Not only does she have them all, she knows how to tell a story to make you eager to see what she’s done with them.  I can’t wait to hear what folks think of her books!

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