Angela Breidenbach

Angela Breidenbach is an author, genealogist, screenwriter, speaker, and radio personality.

New Site Opens!

Support an Author. Spread the love.             Hi friends, the new site opens! Over the last year I’ve been hard at work with the IIGS team rebuilding and modifying the International Institute of Genealogical Studies, previously known as the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. When I became the executive director in March of 2022 the process

The Story—and the History–Behind Dianna’s Dilemma

Support an Author. Spread the love.             Delighted to share a guest post by my friend, Donna Schlachter. Please enjoy learning about her and her new book, Dianna’s Dilemma. Donna take it away… I was invited to join a multi-author project, or what we writers commonly call a MAP. The idea is to create a series or