An A-Muse-ing Puzzle—The King—500+pieces

An A-Muse-ing Puzzle—The King—500+pieces

Join Muse and Writer in a puzzling challenge with An A-Muse-ing Puzzle—The King

Muse is up to his high and mighty hijinks in this beautiful scene straight from Muse and Writer. Perfect gift for a cat lover and great family time puzzle for long winter nights. Choose from 30 pieces for children to over 1,000 pieces in this challenging puzzle fit for avid puzzlers and great family time!

Includes witty Muse and Writer conversation to keep fe-lion fans grinning. Be sure to post your finished masterpiece because it will be quite an accomplishment! But, we really want to see it when you're done so be sure to tag @AngBreidenbach on social media and we'll share your puzzle with the world, too!

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An A-Muse-ing Puzzle-the king
An A-Muse-ing Puzzle—the king

From 30 pieces to over 1,000 pieces, this puzzle challenge can be made for children or to challenge the best puzzlers with a gorgeous portrait of Muse claiming to be king of the home. Cat lovers and puzzlers will love this beautiful Somali fe-lion.

Includes Muse and Writer conversation:

Writer: You look like a king on his throne.

Muse: I am what I am.

Writer: (Facepalm!) Oh, brother!

Design created on Zazzle. 

An A-Muse-ing Puzzle—the king is over 500 pieces to challenge the puzzler in you!


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