CAN Scavenger Hunt Stop #18

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Welcome to the CAN Scavenger Hunt Stop #18…

CAN Scavenger Hunt Stop #18
CAN Scavenger Hunt Stop #18
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PeggySue Wells, Christian Authors Network member
PeggySue Wells, Christian Authors Network member

Dear reader-friends, I’m excited to share one of my author friends from the Christian Authors Network with you for our CAN Scavenger Hunt adventure. First a little about her and then we’ll get right into the interview…

About PeggySue Wells: She’s an author, producer, and co-host of award-winning WBCL Mid-Morning, PeggySue Wells is the author of a couple dozen books including a couple bestsellers, an audio finalist, and several co-authored projects because she writes well with others. Writer, and news reporter (most misleading headline), as a single mom PeggySue freelanced while raising and schooling her seven favorite children.

Angela: Welcome, PeggySue Wells, I hear you’re the author of a couple dozen books. What’s the common theme of your work?

PeggySue: Reclaiming the Family is the message in all my books. Family relationships are God-designed to be the place where we connect and belong. The best gift we give children is a home that is synonymous with safe. In my book, Rediscovering Your Happily Ever After, I show how even a single-parent family can be a nurturing environment.

Angela: What’s your most recent book?

CAN Scavenger Hunt #18
Slavery in the Land of the Free

PeggySue: Slavery in the Land of the Free: A Student’s Guide to Human Trafficking is an informative and concise look at the rapidly growing child sex trade in the United States. The book gives the profiles of the three players in human trafficking – the victim, the trafficker, and the john. Driven by pornography-addicted johns, human trafficking is a supply and demand industry that targets children. We stopped slavery in the United States once before and we can do it again. Slavery in the Land of the Free tells you how.

I wrote Bonding With Your Child Through Boundaries – a timeless parenting book – with June Hunt. June is the foremost counselor of our generation. I was her practical sidekick as the mom with seven children, two horses, a dog, and a cat. If you have kids, you have pets. Just sayin’.

In the fiction category, I co-authored The Patent with Max Garwood. In the race for world dominance, the nation that develops a small-town inventor’s design will be militarily invincible. America’s enemies have stolen the patent and kidnapped the inventor. Geared for men, The Patent is written under a pen name since men typically don’t read books by women. I’m writing the sequel.

Angela: Did you see God open any doors with your books?

PeggySue: I am thrilled that The Slave Across the Street, the true story (Theresa’s story and my writing) about an upscale Detroit teen who was trafficked for two years, is a USA Today bestseller, a three-time Wall Street Journal bestseller, and an audio finalist that came in just behind Keith Richards’ memoir read by Johnny Depp. Not even kidding.

Also, an interview on award-winning WBCL’s Mid-Morning radio featuring Rediscovering Your Happily Ever After: Moving from Hopeless to Hopeful for the newly Divorced Mom resulted in an invitation to return quarterly to host a one-hour show encouraging single parents. Last year, the radio invited me to be their program’s producer and co-host. Who knew?!

Angela: How do people describe you and your books? (Friend-readers, you can click on any cover and check out each book’s details.)

PeggySue: Writing is a team sport and I’ve been in a close-knit writers group for almost two decades. We’ve polished each other’s writing, introduced each other to publishers, cheered for one another, and journeyed together through cancer (theirs), divorce (mine), heartbreak (ours), and celebrations (ours, too). My fellow wordsmiths describe me as “Eminently quotable, PeggySue Wells is a tonic — warm like your favorite blanket, bracing like a stiff drink.”

Angela: How can readers contact you?

PeggySue: To connect and for marketing (your key CAN Scavenger Hunt word), I have a website. At, you can send me an email, as well as shop for books, the homeschool curriculum I created for my children, and sea glass jewelry that allows readers of my novel, Für Elise, to keep a piece of paradise with you. I’m also available on the Christian Authors Network at my featured author page.

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Remember your word for the CAN Scavenger Hunt is: marketing.


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  • lelandandbecky

    July 21, 2016 at 5:57 PM

    Wish I had your books when my children were younger! Enjoyed this interview! Thanks for the clue!

    • Angela Breidenbach

      July 21, 2016 at 6:21 PM

      Hey, there’s always grandkids in the future 🙂 We just entered that arena a few years ago!