Historically Speaking Devyn’s Dilemma

President Grant launched The Thousand Islands Gilded Age season of the rich and famous buying islands and lots along the mainland and building castles, mansions, and magnificent summer homes. Those islands, those homes have delightful, intriguing, and often poignant stories to tell. And I aim to tell a lot of those stories, including Katelyn’s Choice that tells the Pullman Island story.

Vaudeville Musician Woos Beautiful Opera Star!

Support an Author. Spread the love.             Curious about a Vaudeville musician who woos a beautiful opera star?  Historically Speaking with Angela Breidenbach welcomes family historian, Stacie Mason Keeley, as she shares the 64-year love story of her great grandparents. Letha Gladetsch, a Victorian era renowned opera soprano and Miss Chicago beauty queen, meets Henry Hunt of