Ghostwriting, Collaboration, and Memoirs

Support an Author. Spread the love.             Last week’s episode with Linda S. Clare on Lit Up with Angela Breidenbach opened the door for part 2 this week as  Cheryl Ricker joins Lit Up host, Angela Breidenbach, to talk about ghostwriting memoirs with the person whose story needs to be told. Tips on ghostwriting, how to collaborate

Memoir Writing

Support an Author. Spread the love.             Lit Up host, Angela Breidenbach, talks with Linda S. Clare about Memoir Writing and how she used her own life story in both novel and memoir. Linda has taught memoir writing at community college, in writing conferences, and has an upcoming track at the Mount Hermon Christian Conference co-teaching with

Circumstances do not define you

Support an Author. Spread the love.             Have you felt helpless when the chaos around you interferes with your goals? On Lit Up today, we explore those feelings with a guest who had a trifecta hit her and came out the other side more successfully because she found creative ways around the problems. You can too! Your