Ageism in Publishing?

Support an Author. Spread the love.             Is there Ageism in Publishing? How are so many aging authors so successful in writing as a second career? I get to visit with expert, Jane S. Daly, on aging, caretaking, and how growing older is great for your writing opportunities! Don’t miss this encouraging and sometimes very humorous look

Lit Up Radio lights up your creative world

Support an Author. Spread the love.             Lit Up! Radio with Angela Breidenbach is growing quite an audience! Wow! We’re up to about 350K listeners on Lit Up radio. Thank you so much for finding value in Lit Up! I’m so excited to share with you the stellar guests that share their wit, wisdom, and wonderful experiences with

Lit up Radio premieres!

Support an Author. Spread the love.              Lit Up Radio premiers April 28, 2017. In this first episode, Lit Up Radio premiers with a visit with executive producer, Sandra Beck, next is Dr. Ted Baehr of the Movie Guide about writing for Hollywood and his book, How to Succeed in Hollywood without Losing Your Soul. Next, JD DeWitt, and I