Where has Angela Been?

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Hi friends, I’ve been getting asked a lot, “Where has Angela Been?” Let me catch you all up 🙂

DAR Museum period rooms like this one are spectacular!
DAR Museum period rooms like this one are spectacular!

I’ve also been getting lots of questions on what’s the new project. Well, there are actually several. I’m trying to prioritize based on due dates. On the writing front, I have a screenplay and a novella due. The screenplay is a TV pilot pitch for my new book manager to handle. With a lot of emergency family travel in January and February, that project was a little backed up. But it’s flowing nicely now and things have calmed. More on the TV project as it is able to be shared. I ask for your prayers as I dive into a new out of my comfort zone adventure.

On the novella, I’ve signed the contract for a 30K word story called Right On Time to be included in a 4-book collection. (Mentioned that back in December.) I’m going to have fun exploring the issues with trains from crashes to robbers, a horseman who isn’t a cowboy, and a woman who has never met a gentleman she liked. I’ve just set up my plotting document, but have a TV pilot screenplay to finish in March before I get to dive in on this new book that’s due July 1, 2019. Please keep this book in prayer as well.

Researching at the National Archives, wow!
Researching at the National Archives, wow!

On the genealogy side of things, school is progressing nicely. I maintain high grades and love what I’m learning. I have 15 more classes to be completely finished, and only 2 more to have my Methodology certification. Due to the screenplay and book deadline, I did take March and April off without classes to catch up. I have been traveling a ton since going to Scotland in Nov/Dec for my daughter’s master degree ceremony. I’ve been in Las Vegas 3 times, spent a week Washington D.C. and Fairfax Station, VA for a TV interview and research, and will be going to NRB (National Religious Broadcasting) in Anaheim (Mar. 27-28) and Las Vegas (Mar. 29-31) for both business and family at the end of March. I cannot figure out what time zone it is anymore, that’s for sure! Muse just loves when the boycubs and their parents house sit. He’s convinced he gets more yummy treats. Hmm.

The research for genealogy was really interesting in the National Archives and the Daughters of the American Revolution Library. I found some family history I didn’t know I could like my 4X great grandparents marriage banns and subsequent marriage record. Sooo cool!

Still in the works: I still plan to post several more articles on traveling in Scotland. I’ll share my gluten-free experience there, which was really pretty good, and some travel tips. I’ll also plan to write tips on researching at the National Archives and at the DAR Library. By the way, the DAR Museum is incredible and not to be missed. The Museum of the Bible is $25 to enter, but well worth the price! However, the Museum of the Bible is really not, in my opinion, for small children. It’s great for older children and adults as a fascinating learning and archeological venue. 

My plan for March: Write 2 new pages a day on my screenplay. Goal is 47 pages for an hour drama. I’m learning how to hit “beats” in the plot, then expand the emotion, then tighten the narrative and dialogue to make it read with action and excitement. I’m on page 14 of 47, but those 14 pages have been rewritten 3 times to get the learning process down so I can move on with a good product. 

What am I reading to encourage and enrich my spirit? I’ve purchased a Messianic Jewish version of the scriptures to read through page-by-page. I’m very interested to learn the roots and depth of how the Jewish faith informs and enriches my own belief in Christ the Messiah.

Your prayers are important to me!


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