Favorite Tools

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Muse and laptop
Muse tries to open my MacBook

BECAUSE YOU ASKED: My Favorite Tools for writing, speaking, marketing, design, newsletters, online support, and genealogy. I’ll update this page from time to time so check back.

Some of my favorite tools are affiliates, but that will not cost more to you. Some are just because they’re the best I’ve found so far. See how they might work best for you. When you do click on an affiliate link, thank you. That’s a really helpful way to support me as I continue to produce books, podcasts, video, education, entertainment, and materials for you.

Marketing and PR: LocalPrToolKit

WebhostingSiteGround webhosting click here

Newsletters: Mailerlite

Indie Author Sales Tracking: ScribeCount  or you can use this button:

Deliver a book or PDF to readers/reviewers: Bookfunnel (Ask me to generate a token for you and you’ll get a month free. Just send me a note on my contact page on this website.)

Design book covers, memes, newsletters, and more: BookBrush

Follow your favorite authors: Bookbub (I’d be delighted if you’d follow me on Bookbub)

Hosting podcasts: Libsyn

Computers: Mac, I prefer Macbook Pro because I do a lot of design and big program use. I need a powerful laptop I can travel with and work on the “road” for recording video/audio/photography that I use in podcasting, book design/promotion, blogging, social media, etc. 

Genealogy Education: National Institute for Genealogical Studies

Restore photos and documents quickly right on your computer: Vivid-Pix

Virtual meetings: Zoom

BECAUSE YOU ASKED… why Muse always looks so beautiful and healthy:

An A-Muse-ing Cat-erwauling Magnet

Muse: I prefer Royal Canin veterinary prescription fe-lion foods.

Writer: He still denies being a cat. He eats a both dry and canned foods for digestive health and for caloric reduction. No, neither one of us are paid to share that with you. Though Royal Canin did once send him a free bag of cat food. Still appreciate their thoughtfulness just for seeing our tweet that we liked them. And for Muse training? We use Greenies dental treats. (He thinks they’re pure gold. Shh, don’t tell him they don’t count as pay. He thinks they’re his paycheck.