Felion Funnies

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Felion Funnies—a Devotion for cat lovers.

After the earthquake a fire passed; but the LORD was not in the fire. After the fire, there was a still small voice. –1 Kings 19:12 WMB

Writer & Muse, an a-Muse-ing duo
Writer & Muse, an a-Muse-ing duo. (Photo taken by Julie Cowan of Cowan Creative.)

Muse, my rescue cat, has a loyal following on social media for his witty, mildly snarky chatter with Writer. I started posting snippets and photos of his unusual antics to share a laugh of felion funnies. Nothing deep or world-changing. Whether doing time in the corner for stealing an oatmeal cookie or talking his stuffed squirrel into organizing a rebellion, this funny “felion” provides the tiniest moment of respite to worn and weary people.

I never intended to post cat comedy on social media or give voice to a fluffy, ginger fur ball. He made me laugh so maybe he’d make someone else laugh. I considered quitting unpaid cat comedy to write something significant, something that could change the world. I mean, really, a talking cat? Even one that has tea parties with toddlers, where was the value?

Then the notes started coming. A mom wrote that she read Muse and Writer to distract her son through painful chemotherapy sessions. She asked if we’d mind posting more for future sessions. Stunned, we (you know, my cat and I) agreed to keep writing for her son. He needed Muse. It mattered for them. Another woman messaged Muse and Writer helped lifted her out of depression during her divorce. A retired veteran messaged asking for more cat comedy because it helped him cope.

Humbled, I thought substance had to be some giant act or magnificent creation. But substance wasn’t in the dramatic or earth-shaking. Substance snuck into my life through the small voice of a funny “felion” creating comedic chaos. A laugh that changes one moment for one person. A moment that keeps that person going to the next moment. One small moment that makes a significant difference.

Here’s a prayer to put the concept of one moment, one act into our daily lives:

Dear Lord,
Help me to hear your voice and respond in one moment, one small act that matters to one person. Amen

FYI: If you’d like to get Muse and Writer comedy once a month, you can have it delivered to your email through the Muse and Writer newsletter. You never know what Muse is going to do next! We have quite a few past posts on Facebook and Instagram. You can find those dating back to May 4, 2013 using @AngBreidenbach and the hashtag #MuseandWriter works, too.

Published by Angela Breidenbach

Angela Breidenbach is an author, genealogist, screenwriter, speaker, and radio personality.