Why does genealogy matter? GPC Ep-03

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Why does genealogy matter? Join me today on Genealogy Publishing Coach as we visit with bestselling author, Liz Tolsma, on how she uses her family heritage to write novels, the unique gift she made for her husband that brought his ancestor’s courage into the present, and tips on learning more about your family history. 

Liz Tolsma gave her husband a beautiful gift using his ancestor’s heroic letter.

Genealogy gifts can be much more than a DNA kit, though those are truly awesome. Liz used this gift to tell the story of her husband’s ancestor, and what a story! Tune in to hear all about Archibald Stewart!

Why does genealogy matter? Beyond preserving history, the stories of our ancestors inspire us with courageous acts, teach us how to avoid pitfalls, and give us a sense of belonging.

Listen to Liz tell how her family stories inspire herself, her family, and her readers. She gives some great tips for those who want to write their own family stories, too.

The Glasgow Martyrs

Liz Tolsma‘s Website

Inside our episode you’ll also find some tips on finding an Eastern European genealogists through graduates at the National Institute for Genealogical Studies.




Books mentioned by Liz Tolsma:

Snow on the Tulips:  A stranger’s life hangs in the balance. But to save him is to risk everything.

Daisies Are Forever: In the final days of Nazi Germany, the strength of one woman’s heart will determine the fate of a family.

A Picture of HopeA Photojournalist Risks Her Life to Save a Very Special Child

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Queen of the Rockies:

Song of the Rockies

Heart of the Rockies

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