Genealogy Publishing Coach Researching & Writing Southern Genealogy Ep-02

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Join me on Genealogy Publishing Coach Episode 2 with Cynthia L. Simmons as we talk researching and writing Southern genealogy and history, her Civil War novels, along with some great publishing and writing tips for you!

Choosing what you use from research in a book is important to keep the story moving and the reader interested. Cynthia has some great ways of doing that in her books. She’s created homeschool curriculum to help students learn about the Civil War history she writes about in her novels.

Would you like to learn more about Cynthia L Simmons and her books mentioned in this show?

author Cynthia L Simmons on Genealogy Publishing Coach
Cynthia L Simmons

Cynthia L Simmons
Award Winning AuthorAuthor of Southern Gold Series: Valuing Gold, Pursuing Gold, Reflecting Gold    Pursuing Gold CurriculumAuthor of Women Who Overcame and the Women Who Overcame Bible Study. She’s the President of Christian Authors Guild, a member of Advanced Writer and Speaker Association, AWSA Certified Media Coach, and the host of Heart of the Matter Radio. Cynthia is also a Christian Authors Network member. You can find out more and listen to her podcast at

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