How hobbies help your career

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synchro 1 pic of Angela swimming
Angela performs synchro

Did you know blissful hobbies can enhance your career? Hobbies do more than enhance your career directly. Hobbies help you relax, rejuvenate, and discover creativity. Often, a hobby is fantastic for your physical health, like my love of synchronized swimming. But it’s also wonderful for you mentally. Because I love the joy and peace I find in synchro, it inspired a character in the new release, Taking the Plunge. Not only for fun, but swimming actually enhanced my creativity. Here’s an article I wrote for MTL Pages with more:

Taking the Plunge, Historical Romance, was inspired by Angela Breidenbach’s love of synchronized swimming.

Taking the Plunge is a historical romance set in the early Montana resort called the Broadwater Hotel. Sadly, the real Broadwater is long since gone. But the sport of ornamental swimming is still with us, renamed as synchronized swimming. What if all the rules of society meant you could drown under the weight of heavy skirts? What if you thought women should be able to enjoy the water as much as men? What if you thought differently than society around you? Come discover the origins of a beautiful sport and how two people who think so differently fall in love.

Taking the Plunge is available in ebook and audiobook, soon to be in paperback and large print. Choose your favorite store here:



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Angela Breidenbach is an author, genealogist, screenwriter, speaker, and radio personality.