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In the #1 Episode of the Genealogy Publishing Coach you’ll hear the number 1 publishing tip for writing and publishing your book. 
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Welcome to episode 1 of the Genealogy Publishing Coach.

The Keynote: Mary DeMuth
Mary DeMuth is an author, speaker, podcaster and artist who loves Jesus.  Her message is about how Jesus “re-stories” the ragged,  heals the heartbroken, and sheds light on people’s dark stories. She loves the privilege of watching the Holy Spirit utterly, completely transform people.  Mary has spoken all over the world in places like Johannesburg, Monaco, Geneva, Munich, Port-au-Prince, Nice and Florence. She has written over 30 books translated into 5 languages. Her podcast, called the Restory Show, highlights ordinary people who face extraordinary circumstances, yet still grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. She lives with her husband Patrick in Texas.
Welcome to the Genealogy Publishing Coach with professional genealogist, bestselling author, and president of the Christian Authors Network, Angela Breidenbach. Learn how to write and publish professional books whether non-fiction or fiction. The tips in each episode will help you succeed in telling the hard-earned stories you’ve researched whether you’re writing it for your family or to share with the world, you’ll learn in bite-sized sessions to build your knowledge without overwhelming you. Come join me and the occasional expert guest and learn how to bring your dream to reality.
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