Join me at the Sormag Online Book Festival Nov. 13-15, 20

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What’s an Online Book Festival?

I’m a participating author for SORMAG’s Online Book Festival.  Join me for three days of book fun Nov. 13-15, 20.  #SOBF20

Join the Sormag online book festival
Join the Sormag Online Book Festival Nov. 13-15, 2020! Must register.

Most book festivals include – featured authors, vendors selling their products and panel discussions. What you are missing in our online book festival are the long lines, the hot weather, paying to get there and maybe some funnel cakes.

This online book festival is set up on the same concept – featured authors, vendors panel discussions and we throw in a few door prizes. (My book, Gems of Wisdom will be one of the door prizes.)

But specifically, I’ll be on the Christian fiction panel where you can ask questions about Christian fiction 🙂 Pretty cool because I have a new 5-book historical fiction series (Queen of the Rockies) starting to release in December. More on that in the near future…

Gems of Wisdom book to help beat fear
Gems of Wisdom by Angela Breidenbach helps beat fear and build confidence.

This all happens inside the private Book Festival Group. You must join in advance so be sure to register at the link below.

Have you registered for the Book Festival?

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