Podcasting on Hiatus


Hi friends,

You may have noticed that I’m on hiatus with my podcasting. Please enjoy the past episodes of all my shows. I do apologize for the inconvenience of not getting new episodes on Lit Up or Historically Speaking. But, there is a great explanation. Over the holidays, my daughter graduated from the University of Glasgow with her master’s degree. My hubby and I traveled to Scotland for two weeks to see this amazing event. We also did a lot of genealogical touring. Yay!

The next reason I’m delaying my return to the air waves is that I have 2 major projects. The first is a TV pilot script that needs to get done asap because of signing with my new book/screen manager. I can’t split myself any further with family and professional commitments. The second project is a new book contract for Barbour Publishing. Really amazing circumstance for another blog post 🙂

Finally, my family has needed me to manage some business that has taken, and will take, several weeks to complete its set up. Once all is set up, then it’s just a matter of management. I’ll be able to return to podcasting with all my ducks in a row. I thank you for your patience during this super busy time. I’m sure you can relate to seasons that are beyond expectation, too. Rest assured, I will return to podcasting because I do love chatting with you, sharing genealogy and writing ideas, and connecting with guests that enhance the lives they touch.

My request? Will you pray me through this season? 

I appreciate you,



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