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So the other day I made a great smoothie. High protein, lots of kale and spinach, strawberries…it really tasted great (contrary to opinions of kale haters, it sometimes works).

But I made too much. Wanting to freeze this amazing miracle (yes, kale haters, I did), I searched for an ice cube tray, having heard of this great smoothie hack idea to make leftover smoothies fast.

Creative ice cube tray?

No, no tray to be found. (Okay, none clean.) I’m on deadline, afterall. But I did happen to have a flexi gingerbread man muffin tray. So…

I know, you thought that was the humor, right? Uh, no. But it’s cute, right? And your kids will love this idea…

I toss these poor fellows in the blender expecting their buttons to burst and whirrrr. Nothing happens. (Can you see said author getting frustrated while trying to get a fast lunch?) #SmoothieFail

What? That hack was supposed to stop the ice jam. Then I look closer. No blades. Sigh. Add blades and… Hmm… Having trouble getting the smoothie ice to turn into a, um, smoothie.

Dawns on me to add liquid. And more water…a third time’s the charm. Voila! I have lunch. Don’t you hate it when gingerbread men are smarter than authors? But I did like the way it worked out 🙂 

Ever had a day like that?? Sigh. #OnDeadline #NeedFastLunch

Okay, back to work on Seven Medals and a Bride for Barbour Publishing’s Blue Ribbon Bride Collection coming out in Nov. 2016!

Published by Angela Breidenbach

Angela Breidenbach is an author, genealogist, screenwriter, speaker, and radio personality.