How hobbies help your career

Did you know blissful hobbies can enhance your career? Hobbies do more than enhance your career directly. Hobbies help you relax, rejuvenate, and discover creativity. Often, a hobby is fantastic for your physical health, like my love of synchronized swimming. But it’s also wonderful for you mentally. Because I love the joy and peace I

Naptime Questions from a Toddler

Naptime questions from a toddler… Boycub6: Who’s your daddy? Writer: (I unexpectedly tear up.) Well, my daddy was Gpa Al. He died before you were born. Boycub6: Oh. Who’s your mommy? Writer: (Again, unexpectedly blinking back tears.) My mommy was Eva. She’s also is in heaven. Boycub6: Oh. Where is heaven? Writer: I’m not sure