Does DNA have memory?

Support an Author. Spread the love.             Does DNA have memory? Something deep inside of us that draws us to our ancestors and the places they lived? Or is it pure imagination, a desire to connect. Not just to them, but to their talents, dreams, experiences that somehow seem to replay through the generations. I’ve had a

Vaudeville Musician Woos Beautiful Opera Star!

Support an Author. Spread the love.             Curious about a Vaudeville musician who woos a beautiful opera star?  Historically Speaking with Angela Breidenbach welcomes family historian, Stacie Mason Keeley, as she shares the 64-year love story of her great grandparents. Letha Gladetsch, a Victorian era renowned opera soprano and Miss Chicago beauty queen, meets Henry Hunt of

New Radio Show — Historically Speaking

Support an Author. Spread the love.             I’m excited to announce my 2nd episode on my new radio show — Historically Speaking with Angela Breidenbach! In this episode I’ll be interviewing my guest, Rebecca DeMarino, about her ancestral love story set in a lighthouse. I can’t wait to hear everything Rebecca has learned about her 9th