Harp Naming Contest Winners!

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Beautiful mother-of-pearl rose inlay
Beautiful flourish added to my harp, a mother-of-pearl white rose inlay on the curly maple pillar.

Harp Naming Contest Winners! I’m so excited to share the winning entries for the Vivid Color Sonnet Lap Harp crafted by luthier, Jacob Nelson, at Music Makers (harpkit.com)

*First place (meaning I use the name for her first name) will receive a paperback copy of The Mail-Order Standoff, a quilted tote, and a 15-minute video chat with me scheduled via email.

*The middle-name winner is a 1st place tie, whose name I also use for this beautiful instrument will receive a copy of my latest book, a quilted tote, and a 15-minute video author chat scheduled via email.

*Runners Up, 2nd-4th place, will receive a 15-minute video author chat. We’ll schedule via email.

So if you see your name listed below with a prize, please privately send your email and address to me via my contact page here on my website. Your information will remain private, not be sold to anyone, and not shared to anyone. It’s purely for the purpose of getting your prize to you. Also, please note that the numbers (1-15) on the left side of the name list were used to keep the entries separate and managed. They never held a weight toward the contest, just a way for me to figure out who and what entry was represented. The only way to be eligible was to enter here on my blog, though there were many beautiful names suggested on social media.

Drumroll, please!

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ (Best way I could do a drumroll, lol)

Angela and her Vivid Color Sonnet Lap Harp
Angela and her Vivid Color Sonnet Lap Harp.

My harp’s name is: Ailsa Maeve. The significance in the meaning of the names really struck me considering the years of prayer and the goals I have for sharing joy through music, not to mention my joy of owning and learning the harp.

Her name altogether, Ailsa Maeve, meansSupernatural victory and the Cause of Great Joy!

See below winners’ names and prizes.

1. Serena = serene/clear (2nd place is Crystal Grimes, winner of 15-minute video chat with author, Angela Breidenbach. PS, Crystal, I really struggled between Serena and Ailsa!)
2. Chèile = Harmony (3rd place is Carla Gade, winner of 15-minute video chat with author, Angela Breidenbach.)
3. Telyn Rose = “harp” in Celtic
4. Woodie = curly maple and other woods/humor entry
5. Angelica
6. Teaghráin de Ghrásta = Strings of Grace (Irish)
7. Lovely
8. Maeve = “the cause of great joy” or “she who intoxicates.” (Tie for 1st place is Mimi Noble. Middle name winner of a paperback book The Mail-Order Standoff, a quilted tote, and a 15-minute video chat.)
9. Onora = Gaelic for “Honor”
10. Gwendolyn = Fair, blessed, white browed (she does have a white rose on her “brow”)
11. Alainn Ceol = pronounced – Aw-len Kyohl = Beautiful/lovely music (4th place, Sue Porter wins a 15-minute video chat.)
12. Bella/Belle = for books and beautiful music (Honorable mention!)
13. Ailsa = Supernatural Victory (Tie for 1st place is Mary Kay Moody. First-name winner of a paperback book The Mail-Order Standoff, a quilted tote, and a 15-minute video chat.)
14. Fiona = White (white rose and white strings)
15. Cassie = for a fictional character who wanted to play the harp and ride horses.

Here she is: Ailsa Maeve!

I’m reasonably sure you’ll see more of her in the future!

THANK YOU to everyone for your naming ideas and all the beautiful significance of those names. I had an intensely difficult time choosing!

Meet Ailsa Maeve
Her new name: Ailsa Maeve means Supernatural Victory and The Cause of Great Joy!
The Mail-Order Standoff Cover
The Mail-Order Standoff —
What if you didn’t want to marry the man who sent for you?

Harp Naming Contest

Would you like to help me name my new harp? She arrives sometime this month (April 2020) and I'm taking suggestions for her new name. The winning suggestion wins a copy of my latest title, The Mail-Order Standoff (or if out of the US, a substituted ebook or audiobook.) Leave a comment.