Davy Crockett, Coffin Ships, and Living Wakes?

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King of the Wild Frontier, Davy Crockett’s ancestry. We’re going to explore THAT Crockett Family’s brick walls and pitfalls to help you on your journey toward writing fictional representations of your true family stories. (Though we recorded at Christmas, the discussion is relevant year-round.) Author and descendant of the great American folk hero, Davy Crocket, is Jennifer Lynn Cary, who writes her ancestry into fiction.

The Crockett Chronicles is a trilogy featuring how this family came to America, their challenges, and the courage that runs like a vein of gold down the lineage. You’ll love what you learn from our visit with Jenny and Amy and you’ll love the books. https://amzn.to/3gkLy36 (This is an affiliate link that helps fund my show, if you’re so inclined.)

Jenny’s sister, Amy, joins us to share the brick walls including a book that was considered an authority, Notable Southern Families, that then was proven incorrect by lack of source material. What do you do when the source dries up?

Learn about using social history, genealogical travel, connecting with distant librarians, and touring with local experts. Coffin ships, Irish inheritance, wakes for the living? All this in Davy Crockett’s family through to the tragic Alamo ending.

Tune in for tips on writing your family stories into books, advice on avoiding mistakes, where to take author license, honesty and honor of the people, place, and time. Jenny shares how she managed her own photoshoots for book covers, what she learned on the first shoot, using your own photos to enhance a cover wrap.

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Books mentioned on this episode:
Crockett Cousins is the book by Katheryn E. Jones
And the webpage for Direct Descendants and Kin of David Crockett is

If you’d like to read more on the Crockett Family, here’s an older interview I did with Jennifer Lynn Cary about her trilogy.

Historical Christian Romance author, Jennifer Lynn Cary, likes to say you can take the girl out of Indiana, but you can’t take the Hoosier out of the girl. Now transplanted to the Arizona desert, this direct descendant of Davy Crockett and her husband of forty years enjoy time with family where she shares tales of her small-town heritage and family legacies with their grandchildren. She is the author of The Crockett Chroniclesseries and The Relentless series as well as the stand-alone novella Tales of the Hob Nob Annex Café and her split-time novel The Traveling Prayer Shawl. You can find these, as well as her most recent series, The Weather Girls, on Amazon.

Jenny’s website: https://www.jenniferlynncary.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1030580.Jennifer_Lynn_Cary

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/jennifer-lynn-cary

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